Stable gold Horse Bedding

We have sourced a horse bedding product with the help of several experienced people within the horse livery world! You can buy online with delivery across the UK.

"Wonderful. Thank you very much. It's an amazing product, I must say. They work like no other bedding, superb" - another happy customer

After trying several different types of straw we have found that a Wheat straw has produced a pellet that not only absorbs really well but also stops the horses eating their beds whilst having minimum amounts of manure. It has also been noted that these pellets seem to bring a natural deodorant, masking smells otherwise associated with more traditional bedding.

We are always happy to hear from our customers and receive feedback from users of Stablegold.  If you have any questions about using straw pellet horse bedding do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

'Quite simply they are fantastic!!!'

'Everything you told us about them is absolutely spot on. The mucking out of stables takes a fraction of the time and there is a fraction of the waste we experienced previously. We have initially put 6 bags into each of our 15' x15' stables and over the last few days they have broken down to such an extent that in future I would just put in 4 bags'

As straw pellets are lighter than the wood pellet equivalent more volume is achieved, so you get more straw pellets to the tonne than you do wood pellets.

The pellets are also completely natural with no additives. A straw pellet
bed has also been found to produce a softer bed with less dust. Make
the switch to straw pellet horse bedding to see for yourself the advantages
this type of bedding can bring.

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